Customer Service

Our service after the vehicle purchase

Our goal is to offer optimal service to our customers following the sale of a vehicle. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us – our customer responsibility certainly does not end with the delivery of a vehicle.

Request a no-obligation quote – then you can know in advance what the costs will be. Short and streamlined work processes guarantee you a quick delivery of your machine.

Service locations worldwide
On-Site Service
Technical Support
professional Customer Service
Retrofit according to your requirements
Replacement part service

We gladly provide personalised consultation and can offer you an optimally equipped vehicle, customised for your applications and needs.


In our training courses, drivers and operators learn the features and versatile technical possibilities of the LADOG and how to use them most effectively. We conduct our training courses at our location.

Repacement Service

Our high-performance machines are typically used in demanding continuous operation. In the event of a repair, we have almost all common parts available in our vast replacement part stock. In this way, we can ensure quick availability not only in emergencies. Through short distances and various delivery options, we can keep downtimes as low as possible.

Technical Support

We offer you the best possible service after the sale of a LADOG. From experienced and knowledgeable staff, you receive technical support and repair instructions from one source.

On-Site Service

Trained and qualified personnel will also repair and maintain your vehicle on site. Should a major repair be necessary, the machine will be transported to our facility for repair.


Individual documentation is created for each vehicle produced. Our customers have access to various instruction manuals, wiring diagrams and documentation.