Mowing & Grounds care

Powerful drive technology and maneuverability for green area maintenance

With their powerful drive technology and manoeuvrability, LADOG-vehicles are particularly suited for maintaining green spaces. No matter how large, steep or geographically challenging your green space is to maintain, the LADOG, with its many attachments, adaptation options and very high-capacity performance area, is the ideal multi-function vehicle. In addition to the classic mowing and maintenance of green spaces, sport fields and set-aside lands, the LADOG also stands out with hedge and shrub care. Advanced vehicle technology together with permanent 4-wheel drive and a balanced weight distribution ensures the highest possible traction and ground protection.


Other applications:

Front-Rotary-Mower and Collection container

A classic tried and testet application. LADOG T-1400 with Front rotary mower and collection container on the deck. Clippings are collected through the LADOG-middle channel technique

High lift collection container

LADOG T-1250 with middle collector, rotary mower and hih lift collection container

Outrigger mowing head

LADOG T-1550 with outriggermowing head. The switchable pendulum front axle lock provides outstanding  lateral ability and guarantees professional results