“Quality that inspires”

Our vehicles are accompanied by a high quality standard through every stage of construction. All results are documented and archived. In this way, we meet not only the relevant standards for commercial vehicles according to ISO 9001, but also the legal regulations in Europe within the framework of KBA certification.

Only EN 287-1 certified welders are used in the frame manufacturing process. The quality of the welding seam is regularly checked with a penetration test. An additional leak test is carried out during container construction as well as measuring the coating thickness during the painting process.

Should components need to be purchased, they are subjected to a comprehensive and documented receiving process. KBA required parts are subject to an additional inspection.

In the main assembly, all steps will be specified through checklists by production planning according to the scope of the customer order. The function of the actual assembly (preassembly) will also be checked and documented for function and movement.

In the final assembly, which completes with the acceptance of the vehicle, all functions are again subjected to a critical check and practically tested with an application-oriented test drive.

This means that our customers can be sure that they receive individual vehicles built by experienced employees, which are designed for a long service life.

All vehicles and attachments have been inspected and approved according to the CE machinery guidelines.


Our certificates can be found as pdf in the  download-area