Spraying, watering & intensive cleaning

In combination with water the LADOG is a real professional

The LADOG is a real pro when it comes to interacting with water. The various possibilities leave nothing to be desired. Our many years of experience and sophisticated technology from specialised suppliers ensures professional performance in rough, everyday applications.  Spray systems with laterally extending rails make a very wide work area possible. A logical addition is the spray or high pressure lance. Water tanks with a volume of up to 3000 litres hold the water supply. The water supply is brought to the front of the vehicle through pipes laid within the frame. The addition of a watering system makes it easy to water flower beds and plants directly from the vehicle. For intensive cleaning such as sport surface cleaning, oil residue and chewing gum removal, etc., we rely on equipment from renowned manufacturers. In close cooperation with these manufacturers, we can offer our customers highly effective and reliable solutions.


LADOG T-1250 with Jet-nozzle system
LADOG T-1250 with technical watersystems