Sweeping & Leaf collection

Diverse application in town and country

LADOG offers you advanced and environmentally friendly sweeping technique for a variety of applications in both urban and rural areas.

Our vehicles, together with a variety of modular sweeping equipment (2 or 3-brush technique, front rotary brush, weed brush), provide the optimal solution for maintaining streets, walkways and squares in urban areas as well as sweeping car parks and underground garages.  Thanks to its compact dimensions and maximum manoeuvrability, the LADOG is ideally suited for very tight conditions. All functions can be conveniently operated with the vehicle’s multi-function control. Debris is fed through the vacuum chute into the hopper using the LADOG middle channel technique. The vehicle can also be optionally equipped with a flexible manual vacuum hose to clean hard to reach areas.


User  Video Sweeper
User Video Weed brush


Other applications:

Third brush

LADOG T-1150 with brush unit and a third brush for use on narrow walkways and in other particularly narrow areas

 Weed brush

Weed brush as a powerful alternative to weed control


For cleaning large areas. The front sweeper is available in three different widths (1500, 1600 and 1800mm).


High lift collector

with high tilting edge for emptying into containers.

Vaccuum hose

Flexible suction with the optional manual vacuum hose