In winter service the LADOG plays out its strengths

When it comes to winter-services, LADOG is in its element. Thanks to its ruggedness and reliability, the LADOG is a dependable partner even under adverse conditions. Confident performance against ice and snow with ample power reserves. Thanks to the 4-wheel drive and a hydraulic system customised for the user, a wide variety of options are available. The short front section also allows for the attachment of heavy snow blades. Automatic spreaders are the perfect addition to the attachments. The LADOG is particularly impressive due to its high payload and large loading area.

With perfectly coordinated attachments, dealing with snow and ice for the LADOG becomes child’s play. A wide range of snow ploughs with adjustable widths and functions is available for a variety of snow removal requirements. With the combination of an automatic spreader, you are ideally equipped for any winter weather.




Due to the short front-end dimensions, also heavy snow blades can be mounted

Snow plough vario

The different application and adjustment options can be playfully controlled from the cab. Thus, one is always flexible with changing challenges.

Snow clearence machine

Loose snow can be cleared thoroughly and carefully with the snow clearance machine

Automatic gritters

Automatic gritters are the perfect supplement for the fronend devices. Here the Ladog impresses with its high payload and the large loading platform

Snow blower

The Ladog uses the snow blower powerfully during winter service